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    Trade Union Congress website ‘The Union Makes Us Strong.’ Launched in 2004.
    Useful , thorough and stimulating information on workers’ history, and how and why trade unions came about. There is a timeline and many photographs. They also have a focus on various union happenings, such as the General Strike, the TUC annual meetings, The Matchstick workers, and the Ragged Trouser Philanthropist.


    An active group of people, with meetings all over England, discussing and rediscovering the Luddites, generally raising awareness of what the Luddites were really about.


    South London peoples’ history website, including information on enclosures, the General Strike 1926, the Chartists, and many more local histories.



    Bishopsgate Institute and Library, 230 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 4QH
    0207 392 9270
    Collections relating to London, labour history, freethought, humanism, co-operation, protest and more.
    *Reserachers’ service in the library.
    *Reading rooms, for private study. Bring your own books or use our reference section. Newspapers and periodicals.
    *Online catalogue , search the Library Catalogue online at

  6. - People's History Museum in Manchester.
    Displays, Events, Workshops, Outreach work from this great museum. Entry Free.

  7. - Lively group of campaigners and historians from Derby, who organise frequet public meetins about local peoples history.

  8. - Website about action on reclaiming the fields for common food production, and there is information on peasants' historical struggles.

  9. Bristol  radical history group      email

  10. York :  email :

      email :

  12. Working Class Movement Library, Salford, Manchester

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