Tolpuddle Martyrs

*Museum in Tolpuddle Dorset, for the Martyrs, and a festival on the 3rd Sunday in July every year, to celebrate their achievements. See website for Tolpuddle History Museum.
*There is a green plaque at Copenhagen Fields, Islington London, (from 2009) in honour of the Tollpuddle Martyrs, and those who fought for their release.
* website The Union Makes Us Strong – Trade Union Congress history on line.

In the 1830s life in villages was full of hardship and poverty, with workers virtually unable to feed their families. Farm workers suffered lots of cuts in pay. In 1834 West Dorset farm workers formed a trade union, which were illegal at that time. The 6 leaders of the union were arrested and sentenced to 7 years transportation for taking an oath of secrecy.
Massive protests across the country ensued against their convictions. 1000s marched through London, from Copenhagen Fields to Parliament, there were also many petitions and public meetings held, calling for their freedom. Eventually, because of this pressure, the 7 were returned home in triumph.

Comrades Film Link

Bill Douglas directed the feature film ‘Comrades’ which told the story of the Tolpuddle Martyrs.